SERVICE A Services

Design Drawing

Shop drawings are created and provided to the client before any fabrication of the project begins.  This design process may begin with simple sketches used to work out details with the client before shop drawings are produced. These drawings are work in progress meant to be revised and finally signed off for approval to build. A small deposit of approximately 10% of the total project starts this drawing/design process.

SERVICE B Services


Project fabrication will begin after shop drawings have been approved and signed by the client. The fabrication process Is taken with great care and attention to detail. All materials are hand chosen for their appearance and integrity. Only the highest possible standards of quality craftsmanship are used to create your unique custom

SERVICE C Services


The finishing process is performed in a controlled environment at Searcy Woodworks facilities.  All finishes are custom and specific to the project. All types of finishes are available, from natural protective clear coat to high-quality opaque colors with glaze. Finish samples are available and will be provided for approval if needed.

SERVICE D Services

Delivery & Installation

The precision and quality of the installation is just as important as all other steps taken throughout the process. Careful coordination with the contractor and homeowner will be taken to facilitate the smoothest work flow of the project with all trades considered. Delivery and installation are included in the cost.