I remember clearly how I met Paul Searcy. I am a general contractor and was going to do a bathroom remodel on a house in Albuquerque. The homeowner wanted bathroom vanities made for the bathroom and had recently had his kitchen redone by another contractor. I took one look at the kitchen cabinets then told the homeowner- “whoever made your kitchen cabinets is the person we are going to use to make the vanities for your bathroom”. That person turned out to be Paul Searcy of course. A few weeks later I met Paul, he made the vanities, they came out beautifully and Paul has been my custom cabinet maker ever since. That was around 2002.

I can tell you about how honest, painstaking, ( reasonably priced) pleasant, and meticulous he is but you already know that or will as soon as you meet him so I won’t go on and on. Suffice it to say that when it came time to build my own home, Paul was the only person I even considered to make every kitchen cabinet, hutch, bathroom vanities, and a linen tower that is museum quality in its elegance and proportion.
What else can I say?