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Various people have different perceptions about what woodwork is. To us at Searcy Woodwork, it’s an art and we take it as such. Not simply gluing wood together or nailing them aggressively to fit. The art of working on wood for us is an artistic expression of our passion, creating custom woodwork that are more than ordinary furniture but used as a means of artistic expression or statement. Our work is done sustainably well to blend with its environment while serving our clients the purpose to which it was crafted.


Our main focus is crafting custom cabinets that  make the organization of items easier for our clients. We ensure they are aesthetically pleasing, quality infused and sustainable. Our services include design drawing, fabrication, finishing, delivery, and installation.


To ensure that we are on the same page with our clients, we offer design drawing in forms of sketches which will indicate the basic information about how the design will look like when the fabrication is completely done. This affords our client the chance to make necessary corrections and certify that what is in the sketch is satisfying. For larger contracts, we can make a prototype of the design to showcase what the final product will look like. A  pre-payment of as low as 10% of the product is required to be paid for design drawings and prototypes to be crafted.


The project fabrication is commenced immediately after our client signals satisfaction with the design drawings or prototype design. The fabrication process is painstakingly planned to make each custom made design a success. In designing custom furniture, we use high quality materials that are hand-picked by our woodworking experts to suit the specification of the product and design. We take into consideration subtle factors like the environment of final installation of the project in picking what material will be used in crafting the design and the kind of tools and equipment that are best for working on the design. After proper assimilation of the design drawings or prototype, our professional woodworkers craft the final product, ensuring they have all the design features requested from the client.


Every artist knows the importance of finishing or packaging as the industry permits. We also ensure that the finishing is sustainable depending on what the design is labelled to do. For instance, there are coats that aren’t suitable for kitchen cabinets where edibles will be diced or prepared on. All types of finishes are available, from natural protective clear coat to high-quality opaque colors with glaze. Finishing sample designs can be presented to clients. While fabrication seems to be the most important process, giving the design a proper finishing touch is even more important to us.


Delivery of the finished product is done right on time as agreed with our clients. We ensure that designs are professionally transported to avoid being bruised or fractured in any slightest way possible while on route to the installation. Installations are done with precision to blend the design with its environment. The installation process is done in coordination with our client to ensure the design fit properly and as our customer wishes.

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Searcy Woodworks offers clients assistance with design concepts then produces project renderings for approval to build.

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Services offered include design drawings, fabrication, finishing, delivery, and installation.

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